Flip Flop


“I used to live here and work in Capitol Hill.

Now I live in Capitol Hill and work here.

Go figure.”

Had a really good conversation with him about the new Starbucks education policy. Many people think it’s a four year subsidy. It is only for the 3rd and 4th year, and only one school of choice. So on a $9.5o/hr salary, there aren’t that many that can afford to get degrees after paying rent and bills.

However, given where the state of education is at, they should look into Coursera and just be done with it. It doesn’t matter where you go – it’s what you know and what you do what with you know that matters. He’s looking to get into audio-video if anyone knows of any entry level gigs.

This Is My Personal Starbucks


“I just moved here from Denver because I always wanted to check out Seattle…

I kept hearing about it.

I was a mobility instructor for the blind and the ended up blind in one eye (not related).

This is my personal Starbucks. I like to hang here in the morning and get my caffeine.”