pioneer square

Confront Your Fears


John Hale from Compassionate Seattle.

“We need to get people more involved.”

He made some great points about getting ‘right’

with uncomfortable feelings of downtown by getting out and exploring. 

“If you’re uncomfortable walking through Occidental Park,

you need to confront those feelings…and get over it.”

Save The Date: April 5


There’s a meeting April 5th to talk to the Mayor. ***You can sign up here.***

  • Take a sec to read the recently released Seattle Civic Health Index report. The report finds Seattle’s civic health to be excellent, but there are key areas where we can improve, specifically in connection and trust.
  • To consider: How does Pioneer Square organize differently from other communities?
  • Most of the press has been about the viaduct. City-wide infrastructure is a main priority. From the perspective of downtown, parking and crime are still a problems to be solved.

Fill out their online survey to let them know what you would like to get out of the Seattle Neighborhood Summit and what is important to your neighborhood. To learn more about the Seattle Neighborhood Summit, check back here regularly. You can also email or call Kathy Nyland at 206.684.8069.

Seattle Center has been renovated:



Ask the Mayor: March 2014 3/25/2014

Approaching 100 days on the job, Mayor Ed Murray joins host Brian Callanan and a live audience to discuss a range of city issues including rideshare caps, the creation of a parks district, neighborhood crime, universal preschool and more. The second half of the show focused on raising the minimum wage. The co-chairs of the mayor’s Income Inequality Advisory Committee — Howard Wright, Seattle Hospitality Group CEO, and David Rolf, president of SEIU Healthcare 775NW — joined in the conversation.

It takes bullets and blood to get the cops down here


“Every twenty years or so this area goes through a major change and we’re in one now.

A lot of good places coming in and the prospectors (landlords) will hopefully support that.

And one of my waitresses got beaten half to death just last week and

her boyfriend has 3 cracked ribs. But it takes bullets and blood to get the cops down here.”

I Love To Dance


 “I like to dance. All kinds of dancing, all clubs.

Even in the street, wherever there is music.

I like when they do dancing in the square over there.”

Gus runs a hot dog stand during the baseball season.

When I see him he quotes the whole season’s dates to me.

He told me he loves going to all the other hot dog stands for sides,

and he loads his dog until the bread is all soggy–his favorite!