People of Pioneer Square

Man Crush


“The Penn Cove MusselFest—Coupeville’s March tradition—is this weekend. Check it out. It started small, but now we support $24,000 in scholarships for the local highschool and the Boys and Girls Club. The whole town gets behind it. And, our company sponsors the beer garden, which (little known fact) is the first beer garden ever in Coupeville. And Coupeville is the second oldest town in WA.” 

He and his brother run the Penn Cove Shellfish Company.

My dog loses his mind over Rawle the mussel man when he comes to deliver at the Seattle waterfront.

Loses. His. Mind.

He Probably Had a Job And A Home


Most people, if you live in a big city, see some form of schizophrenia every day,

and it’s always in the form of someone homeless.

‘Look at that guy, he’s crazy. He looks dangerous.’

Well he’s on the street because of mental illness.

He probably had a job and a home. –Eric McCormack

I just pass through



“I work in The Market and cut through Occidental Park

on my way to the International district. Theres a lot of grit.

I think of Psq has having a lot of frat bars and homeless.

But you certainly made me think about it.

I know there’s a lot going on down there now.”

People of Pioneer Square: Kerry


“Someone bought one of my Mr. McGoo paintings for $100.”

Kerry works on the stoop every night after 6pm or

when the doors officially close to the office building and it’s not raining.

He lives and works in one of the local galleries.

The owner hires him to clean his supplies and do evening security. 

How great that one artist is helping another.

Our Community Ambassadors…Are Great Guys


“The history.”

“No, the diversity.”

“No, the art. You can see all this cool art on one block and then go another block and…’crazy.'”

“We aren’t supposed to talk to press, but you aren’t press so maybe it’s ok.”

These guys are great and I’m thankful for all they do.