Why The Seattle Hub Is Special, Get Involved

The Hub is an international Co Op of co working and community spaces for social enterprise. The Hub Seattle occupies the first two floors of the building, as such it is one of the largest of the 50 hubs in the world.

But this location is special. It is special because on the third floor is the headquarters of Social Venture Partners, a global non profit made up of tens of thousands of business professionals who use their business expertise to fund and mentor other non profits. One the fourth floor is the headquarters of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, a ten year old, accredited business school, first in the world to teach a sustainable MBA. The Hub is also home to Unitus, SLOW Money Northwest, Fledge, and others.

Added together, it’s a pretty high concentration of social good.


Check out Fledge’s upcoming event: 

Demo Day
Wednesday, May 7th, 6pm-9pm

Not your typical Demo Day but instead a night of inspirational talks by the “fledglings”, sharing their stories of how they intend (or already are) making the world a better place. Special guest Mal Warick, author of “The Business Solution to Poverty“. Early bird tickets available until Saturday.  Buy yours today.

Features stories from:

  • Activate Hub – A platform for finding the people and events
  • Broad Street Maps – Bringing mapping solutions to global health organizations
  • Distributed Energy Management – A unique approach to energy conservation
  • EA Fruits Farm – Fruit and vegetable production, aggregations, and distribution in Tanzania
  • Karibu Solar – Affordable solar lighting solutions for Tanzania and East Africa
  • Juabar – Solar cellphone recharging kiosks in Tanzania and East Africa
  • Plus updates from some of the Fledge graduates

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