Transition – No 3

transition no3


  1. You’re back! I thought maybe you had gone away. I looked for you today, but forgot to tell you I would be coming downtown to use the library. Next time! I was scrolling through microfilm of 1895 newspapers…..that’s what I do! For fun!

  2. Hi there! Nothing that exotic I’m afraid. Just took my first yoga class in about two years and have been too stiff to walk around and interview folks.

    Too bad! Next time let me know you’re in town and we’ll grab a coffee! I’d love to learn what you got out of those newspapers. 🙂 Maybe we go together some time so I can see what was going on in PSQ. Might be interesting.

    Thanks for following the blog!

    1. Do you have time this coming week between Tuesday to Friday? Anytime except Thursday morning, I am available. Meet me at the Norton Building, 801 Second Avenue; there is also an escalator to the lobby from the First Avenue side. Let David, the security guard in the lobby, know that you are there to meet me. We can go to the library (or) just to coffee.

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